El Paso Could Represent Multiculturalism

El Paso could show the world how multiple cultures have come together to make a safe, vibrant city.

Submitted by Mary Gourdoux

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El Paso Could Represent World Peace

El Paso could actively recruit peace organizations such as the World Peace Initiative, the Amala Foundation, the Universal Peace Foundation, among many others, Continue reading “El Paso Could Represent World Peace”

Conference video–No War 2017: War and the Environment

The conference No War 2017: War and the Environment occurred on Sept 22-24 in Washington, D.C. Several videos are now available online, including workshops on How the Internet Changes Activism, Creative activism, Educational Approaches to Foster Political Engagement for Peace and Planet, etc. You can also find the videos on the conference YouTube page.

Here is a link to the plenary discussion to get you started:

And, as a bonus, here is an interview with Dr. Jill Stein: