Commission limiting Presidential Debates to only Democrats and Republicans losing one- third of board

An article on Independent Voter News (IVN) reports that the Commission on Presidential Debates is losing one-third of its members. Meanwhile a lawsuit is pending that seeks to keep the Commission from preventing third-party candidates from participating. This exclusion of third-parties is arguably one of the biggest factors preventing third- parties from gaining a larger foothold in presidential race and national level politics. 

For more details, read the full article on IVN.

Pipeline Update: Comanche Trail

Recent activists in El Paso, including some local Green Party members, have made progress in opposing the continued construction of Comanche Trail Pipeline. A petition update on states: “The Comanche Trail Pipeline has been delayed again, and now we have an opportunity to stop this pipeline in its tracks by as early as December 19th.” According to the petition update, the pipeline company¬†Energy Transfer Partners (ETP) must provide evidence to the El Paso Water Improvement District that the pipeline¬†complies with all water district requirements, or the company must leave water district property.

Local water protectors gathered to oppose the Comanche Trail Pipeline construction.

The El Paso Green Party supports efforts to reduce dependence on fossil fuels that contribute to pollution and global climate change. The party also supports efforts to ensure safety of water resources.