About Jose:

I am born and raised in El Paso and I’m married with three beautiful kids. I currently work at Fannin Elementary, La Fe Prep School, YMCA Bowling and also am a full time student. I’m an activist, artist, and I have a passion for teaching chess to our youth. I am currently the president of the El Paso Institute of Chess (EPIC) and a former Vice President of the El Paso Chess Academy.

I am passionate about a wide range of progressive issues and look forward to highlighting why I should be your next city council representative for district 4.


  • Implementing a dedicated city Veteran Affairs office, surveying homeless veteran numbers for housing assistance, pushing for free Sun Metro to all veterans. 
  • Raising wages for city employees and contract workers,  requiring businesses who receive tax incentives pay a minimum of $10 an hour. 
  • Creating an El Paso economy that gives incentives to employee owned companies, we believe that employees should have democratic control over their workplace rather than a handful of wall street stockholders.
  • Protecting electric consumers from rate hikes, ending EP Electrics monopoly, and creating a solar incentive program for businesses.
  • Preserving our mountains from development and creating a mountain bike share program to allow residents to enjoy mountain trails at a low cost.
  • Freeing up law enforcement by implementing a cite & release program for low level marijuana offenses. Program passed by Texas legislature in 2007.

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  • Implementar una oficina dedicada a los asuntos de veteranos de esta ciudad, hacer encuestas sobre los números de veteranos sin hogar para la asistencia de vivienda, trabajar para que todos los veteranos puedan usar transporte público de Sun Metro sin costo alguno.
  • Aumentar salarios para los empleados de la ciudad y los trabajadores contratados, garantizando que las empresas que reciban incentivos fiscales paguen un mínimo de $10 por hora de trabajo.
  • Protección a los consumidores eléctricos contra los aumentos de tarifas, poner fin al monopolio de EP Electrics y crear un programa de incentivos solares para las empresas.
  • Preservar nuestras montañas contra el desarrollo y crear un programa para la compartición de bicicletas de montaña que permita a los residentes disfrutar los caminos en la montaña.
  • Usar menos recursos policiacos mediante la implementación de un programa que multe y libere a los ofensores que sean encontrados con bajos niveles de marihuana. Programa aprobado por la legislatura de Texas en 2007.

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