Dear El Paso Greens and progressives,

Here is a proposal. We are going to post a new series of articles, but we need your help. So, get your pencils ready…

The idea is to create a series of posts “El Paso Could…” that capture the vision and imagination we have for what El Paso might become if and when a progressive agenda is implemented over time. The ideas can be big or small, easy or hard, intuitively obvious or seemingly crazy. We can always worry about practical concerns later, so, for now, let’s pull out all the stops and put our ideas into the world.

Our website is open for all to post, just submit your idea through the El Paso Could submission form. Or if you prefer, send us an email with your “El Paso Could…” ideas and we’ll post it for you. The address is elpasocould “at”, (just replace “at” with the symbol @). And, it’s OK if you want to be anonymous, just let us know and we’ll scrub your name before we post. Photos, artwork and videos are great, too, as long as the material is your own or is free to republish or link to.

Keep track of the latest submissions here.


One thought on “New series: El Paso Could…

  1. El Paso Could – So many possibilities. And we often have good ideas we do nothing with. Here’s a place where those ideas can be shared, nurtured and hopefully take flight.

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